A warm welcome from The Tern Travellers, a travel family that prides in ‘don’t just travel, live the Journey’ with an insatiable desire to travel and explore. We deliver the best of travel experiences uniting with professionalism and excellent service over years now. Catering to Educational, corporate and private groups sector with a professional team of the industry have skilled in making your travel more memorable. Spreading smiles across thousands of alike travellers and we shall continue to do so. So together lets go on an unending, inspiring journey and let’s experience life in its entirety.

The Tern Travellers is a tour operating and travel Service Company based in Mumbai incepted in the year 2013 with a clear idea of making travel easy and unique. Since than the journey has been very fruitful and bright for all those associated with T3. All tours and packages listed or showcased are carefully designed and crafted for travellers to make best of memories with their loved ones or make new friends. Our expertise in Educational tours, Wildlife tours, Adventure tours, group treks, Domestic tour packages, International tour packages, Honeymoon packages, Leisure group tours, FIT, GIT, customized packages and corporate outings.   
The Name
Tern as in the Arctic Tern is a bird which travels from one end of the earth to the other, there may be many scientific reasons to it but we at The Tern Travellers believe that the bird has realized the beauty of the earth and hence never ceases to travel. We as humans are always envious and this has thus led to the inception of the company.
What we do?
Our unsurpassed expertise in educational tours, wildlife tourism, adventure tourism, solo or group travels, exploration, weekend getaways, tour packages, honeymoon packages, corporate tour helps us to efficiently deliver you the experience worth a lifetime. Our travel family helps to empower the local community by trading their services for employment opportunities and imparting unmatched knowledge from them. In brief, with immense love for nature and an insatiable need to travel and explore every creation along with our extended family which is you, that’s what we do.

How we do it?
We at The Tern Travellers are a travel fraternity from different walks of life bound together with immense love for the creation and exploration. Small, young and dynamic is how our team is defined.  We strive to build the travel community and reach the far ends of the earth to create an impact. Success for us is the smile that we get in return from you and the locals.
Having said that, we also feel obligated to our beautiful benevolent life supporting planet and we owe our existence to her. Hence we do anything and everything to preserve her in the best that she is so the future generation will spend their life appreciating the creation as we do.
So come along and let’s extend our family as we journey through life.

From The Founder’s Rucksack!!!
Dear friends, valued customers and team. It gives me immense pleasure introducing you ‘The Tern Travellers’! Though the company was established in the year 2012, I can still feel it’s dawning as the dynamism, commitment and passion have been increased intensely day by day. This long distance migrant bird ‘Tern’ has now crossed the extremity of travelling! This won’t be possible without my valued customers and devoted team.
My team consists spry individuals. And it is said, “The benefit of hiring youth is that they don’t know yet what is impossible”. Seeing them working, you feel good that your actions and initiatives inspire others, to dream more, learn more, do more and become more! The integrity of this company is that we enjoy what we do. There is no ‘Go!’ between us, it’s always ‘Let’s Go!’ It’s not the 1st of every month making them stick to the seat , but the journey they share with me. It is one of the strongest bonds I think, that can spring up between people which is sharing the same ‘Passion’! And with that beautiful fact , we deliver products like smiles, happiness, emotions and memories!
The gorgeous feeling of travel is evolving or I can say it’s maturing. As it is no more a ‘Luxury’, it has become a ‘Necessity’. A necessity to escape, to feel the peace and to find your inner self. And we promise you to achieve that!
And lastly ‘The Tern Travellers’ invites you to your journey. Because it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that is beautiful. So Don’t just travel…Live the journey!!!
Mr. Nabeel Ansari
Founder, The Tern Travellers