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1. How do we register on the website?

You can register using the My account option on the top of the home page. Follow the steps as mentioned below:
My account page (pull the arrow down to view “my account” page) –> My account dashboard will open. Click on register –> enter username & password of your choice –> Create account.
The account is activated immediately and you will receive a welcome email.

2. How do I book a tour on the website?

You can select the tour of your choice from the options (Fixed departures, Holidays or directly from the search menu on the homepage (refer SS below) –> View the details of the tour –> Select your date of travel –> Select type of package –> Click on Book Now –> Enter traveller/s details –> Enter billing details –> Select payment method –> Make payment –> & that’s it. VOILA you have booked a tour with us. Screenshot 124 e1650535383438

How are the seats allocated?     

Seats are allocated as and when the booking is made (first come first basis)

What is the duration of internal travel?

Duration of the internal travel depends on the destination you have chosen to travel

What type of Meals/Beverages that are normally provided on tour?

Indian Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian Meals are provided as per your choice. Even local Meals are available depending on the place of travel. Beverages like tea, coffee are usually provided as per availability.

Can I get a Special Meal?

Special Meal may be arranged on request on additional cost

Does the company have its own Cook and Caravan Facility?

Currently we do not have our own Cook & Caravan facility.

Will I get tea, coffee and other refreshments on tour?

Yes, there are 2 complimentary (morning & evening) Tea/Coffee served on a group tour. If you have a private package booked it depends on the chosen meal plan

Hotel and Room Facilities on tours?

We deal with a various category ranging from 2 star to 5 star for all our packages. The facilities provided by individual hotel varies. Our group tours are always with 3 stars and above. Hotel and Room facilities will be up to the mark and absolutely reliable.

Are porter services included?

No, Porter services are available at an additional price.

What about the Safety and Security of my belongings?

While we take extra precautions of safety and security of our passengers and their belongings it is advisable to be careful while traveling to another country.

What is the role of the Tour Manager/ Assistant Tour Manager?

Tour Manager will be responsible for the entire group travelling and will take care of all the issues on ground and assist the passengers in all possible ways.

What is the insurance policy for group tours?

It will be advised to you while you book the tour with us.

What is the FOREX carrying limit while travelling on an international tour?

Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) per financial year is US$ 10000 or equivalent per person (maximum cash up to 3000 USD and 7000 USD by travellers Cheques) for the leisure travellers & US$ 25000 for the business traveller
Euro and USD is globally accepted

May I carry the FOREX in cash?

Guests are free to carry the FOREX in cash; however carrying The American Express Travellers Cheques is always advisable.

Where do I purchase the FOREX from?

You can purchase the FOREX from our FOREX Division.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket?

For Domestic Travel it is usually 15 kg for Check in Luggage and 7 kg for Cabin Baggage. However, it is advisable to check with the Airline before travel. International Travel is 30kgs for check in 7kgs for cabin.

What is generally the size of a group tour?

Generally, our group size varies between 10 to 30 travellers.

Who would be my co-travelers?

Guests who have booked on the same date will be your co-travelers and fellow passengers.

Will it be possible to extend my stay at a destination?

If you are travelling individually and not a part of a group tour, we can extend your stay as per your request subject to availability.

Can I avail just a part of the tour?

Yes, you can request for the same at the time of booking and our staff will advise you if that is possible depending upon the destination

Can I incorporate any changes in my travel plan once the booking is done?

That might be difficult if the booking is already made in your name, however you can speak to our team members and check in case of a genuine issue, they will try their best to get a solution

Is there any refund against cancellation?

Although we assure our travellers of an easy refund policy, we certainly do have a process in place. Please have a look at our cancellations & refund policy.

Can I avail any early booking benefit?

Yes, definitely. We have an early bird discount for almost all our group tours & packages. Do check our latest offers in the offer section.  You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive promotional offers & discount coupons.

What benefits can Repeat Travelers and Senior Citizens expect?

We offer a 10% loyalty program discount for all our select customers that are informed via an email of the same.

What are the benefits of group bookings?

Prices for a group tour will always be very competitive and all inclusive. Guests traveling on a Group tour do not have to worry about anything as there is a Tour manager traveling along to handle everything.

Are there any age criteria for discounts? Do children also get discount?

Yes, children are also eligible for discounts, no age criteria

What is the difference between Child and Infant?

Infant – Age between 0-3 years
Child – Age between 3-12 years

Do we have to walk a lot on tours?

That completely depends on the destination & type of trip. For example, places like Italy, Prague etc. there is a lot of walking involved.

Do we have to wake up early on tours?

On a group tour where we have to work on a schedule and try to cover maximum attractions in limited period of time you might have to wake up early.

Do we get wake-up calls on tours?

On a group tour, the tour manager usually gives a wake-up call to all the passengers so that everyone is on time and the Itinerary is on schedule.

What if I reach late and miss a part of the tour?

If the delay is due to a genuine reason the Tour manager might help you to cover it in the latter part of the trip if it’s a possibility. In case of missing the part no refund will be entertained.

What assistance is provided to a disabled person or a senior citizen, who needs special assistance on tour?

A Wheel chair can be arranged wherever necessary however it is advisable there is a caretaker who is traveling along with the disabled person to avoid any problems on tour.

Can I take a wheelchair on tour? Will it be difficult while visiting places?

Yes, if the guest is comfortable carrying the wheel chair. If not a wheel chair can be arrange wherever possible. It is subject to the destination & advised to know before hand from our travel experts.

Will I get drinking water during sight-seeing?

Yes, if it’s a part of the inclusions it will be provided by the Tour manager.

Will I get some time for my-self on the tour?

The idea of a holiday is to get enough time for yourself and your family away from work and usual routine. So, there should be time for you to enjoy.

At a particular destination, can my relative join me on the tour?

If informed in advance that can be arranged at an additional cost.

Will you recommend me where to shop on a tour?

Yes, whenever the guest’s book with us we give adequate information on shopping, good restaurants etc.

How can I stay in touch with my family and friends on a Tour?

You’ll probably be advised to buy a sim card at the airport due to which you can stay in touch with your Family. In case your phone is not available due to some reason we will always provide an emergency number.

What assistance is provided, if I dis-continue the scheduled tour, on account of illness?

We can try to provide medical assistance if required and also help with the Insurance, see to it that the guests are secured. Although no unused services will be refunded.

Can I get medicine on a Tour?

On a group tour the Tour Manager always carries a First Aid Kit which consists of all the necessary medicines any guest might need. (Except the specific medication that the guest is already taking which needs to be carried by them)

Can I upgrade my class of travel or airline?

Yes, but it is subject to availability.

Would the airline have provision for a wheelchair?

In most cases, all the airports have a provision for a wheel chair.

Can I book my own air tickets and join your tour?

Yes, you can either book the entire package with us which includes the land arrangements as well as the flights or you can book your flights on your own whichever suits you.

Will you assist for one way journey tickets?

Yes, whichever suits you the best.

Do I need to carry any ID proof while traveling?

Yes, your passport is the most important document while you’re traveling internationally. Other than that, your Pan Card, Driving License, Aadhar card are some important documents which you are always advised to keep handy.

Does the Tour Leader assist us on the entire tour?

Yes, the Tour leader will assist with any problem on ground.

In which language will the Tour Leader communicate with us on tour?

Mostly, English and Hindi are the preferred languages.

Generally, how many Tour Leaders are allotted to a group tour?

It varies for the type of tour. For a trekking group we have a ratio of 8:1, for wildlife trips we have 10:1 & for leisure tours 40:1 Tour leader will be allotted.

What is the age group of travellers joining the tour?

All age groups can be a part of the tour unless it’s a trek or summer camp where the age will be specific.

Can a beginner join a trek?

Yes, surely a beginner can join a beginners trek. Our tour leader will encourage and assist the guest for the trek.

What are the things to carry for Sahyadri / Himalayan treks?

A List of things to carry will be given to the guest at the time of booking.

Can a tour be customized for my group specifically?

Yes, that is very much possible. Please raise a customize query from our customize my booking service page.

Is there connectivity on treks/tours?

Usually there is a network issue while on a trek for which the guests will be informed in advance so that they can communicate the same with their families.

Can you make our flight/train/bus reservations?

Yes, we can make Flight, Train and Bus reservations as well.

How many people share one gypsy in a safari?

4+1 (lead) in 1 gypsy

Is Jain food facility available on the tours?

Yes, if informed at the time of booking we can try and arrange for Jain food.

Is alcohol/tobacco or any smoke allowed on a group tour?

It is not advisable to drink or smoke while travelling on a group. Please refer our rules & regulations for trekking & outdoors trips.

What is twin/triple/quad share basis?

Twin – 2 separate beds
Double – 1 Double bed
Triple – 3 separate bed or mattress /1 Dbl bed and 1 extra bed or mattress
Quad – 4 separate bed or mattress/ 2 Dbl bed

How many people share a room on a tour?

Usually, 2 people share a room unless they have children. Or as mentioned in the tour package.

What is EP/CP/MAP/AP/JP plan?

EP – European plan (Room without any meals)
CP – Continental Plan (Room including breakfast)
MAP – Modified American Plan (Includes breakfast & lunch/dinner)
AP – American Plan (Includes All meals breakfast, lunch & dinner)
JP – Jungle Plan (Includes all meals Morning & evening tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner & 1 Jungle Safari

What are the cancellation policies?

All the cancellation policies for different tours are specified on our website and will also be explained to you at the time of booking. Kindly refer our cancellation policies in detail.