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Cleopas Lobo

23 Years Old - Mumbai , India

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I hold a bachelor's degree in Zoology. Passionate about nature and wildlife and enjoy admiring and exploring different kinds of animals, birds and insects. Love to spend my time capturing stunning and unique photos and videos of different species. Currently pursuing a master's degree in Zoology Oceanography. When I'm not with my camera, I enjoy music and watching movies.


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TOURS BY Cleopas Lobo


Gaimukh Trek in SGNP

March 3, 2024
10 Pax

Gaimukh trek in SNGP in Mumbai is one of the most famous trek. The trek is 5kms long and takes you through sgnp forest ending at Kanheri caves.


Highest Point Trek SGNP

March 4, 2024
10 Pax

Highest point trek in SGNP is highest point of Mumbai with an elevation of 1535 feet or 468 meters inside SGNP. It is also known as Jambhulmal trek within SGNP.


Flamingo Watching Boat Safari Airoli

March 3, 2024
12 Pax

Flamingo Boat Safari Mumbai. Witness the migratory birds from across the world calling this creek their feeding ground.


Shilonda Trail SGNP

March 9, 2024
15 Pax

Shilonda trail SGNP is a quiet and peaceful trail initiates along the plains just before the Kanheri foothills in SGNP and winds along gently to make a good small forest walk. A perfect break from city chaos on a weekend morning.