Author: – Mr. Prasad Desai.

Embroidery of happiness

The car traverses through the city it picks up speed, for it’s 7 am and the heart races up conjuring the visions of the slow boat ride by the side of mangroves far from the city hustle bustle…..The assembly draws friends most of whom I met for the first time…..

The arrival of Madhuri ji was like sprucing up of levels of enthusiasm. The buoyancy of her spirit took the interest to another level….She introduced each of us The camaraderie and bonhomie was distinctly palpable !

That it was her school pal’s birthday added luster to the event.
The Queen 👑 of the ceremony Ms. Neeta Rao had donned the mantle (birthday crown) and cut the cake much to everyone ‘ s delight.
It was the birthday song sung by all which our feather friends would have also liked. That the birthday girl was touched was but evident. Through your group we wish her the best of life and times!

With goodies to eat, besides the cake ( brought by Madhuri ji )the ball was set rolling by the arrival of Vidushi and Nabeel the tour guides assisted by Mohd Shamim.
We boarded the boats and lo and behold ! The birds seem to be waiting for us as our boat 🛥 ventured into placid waters !

Quietly and comfortably ensconced in our seats we listened intently to the commentary of Nabeel ! The flamingoes and herons and other smaller 🐦 birds seem to be at peace with themselves, some soaring above. A colony of birds was a visual delight not to speak of the flamingoes up there for a long haul flight …..reminding one of Ruskin Bond’s “flight of the pigeons “
The binocs gave an insight into the birds’ movements and as the boat halted we were very near the colony ! Such a great feeling to endure… much to learn and unlearn for me from these lovely species!

The gathering in waters matched the grace and warmth of those in the boats…..

It was thus a slow culmination of the visit after halting at the sighting point. The tripods gave a microscopic views of our friends in water…

Nabeel Vidushi and Shamim you were like friends taking us into unchartered waters !
A great time a fine company of such men and women of critical acclaim.
Thanks Madhuri ji for being such a driving force Thanks to Balvalli couple Chanda Madam and Venugopal ji ( for dropping us exactly at the doorstep of the house we intended to visit)
A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL from both of us.

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